20181018: yakuake is broken, F12 no longer works

Edit: I’ve found a Yakuake multi-monitor bug. If the primary screen is to the right, then it won’t open on any of the left monitors. 4K + 4K + 1920x1200. 1920x1200 is set as primary. It only appears on the primary, it won’t drop down on the 4K screens. It’ll work if I set the far left screen as primary.

Old text: It runs as in I can see the process ID in ps ux, and I see the initial “Press F12 to open Yakuake …” tooltip, but the F12 hotkey to open it no longer works. It was working 20181015. (Yakuake is a KDE konsole-based terminal that drops down / is hidden with F12.) In System Settings → Global Keyboard Shortcuts, I tried changing it to many things, nothing works. I’m not sure if this is a Yakuake-specific problem, or a general problem with KDE hotkeys.

Fully up to date here, and yakuake works like before. Yet I’ve seen this is the past on someone’s TW where it magically disappeared. I recreated the Hotkey with the + in the bottom of the screen, it complained about the item existing, I chose to replace it with the yakuake entry. Worked. Give it a try.

Actually Yakuake’s problem is VERY specific. Multi-monitor + vertical KDE taskbar panel. It won’t appear left of a screen with a vertical kde tray on the left. Or right of a screen with a vertical kde panel on the right. Makes sense? So to use Yakuake with multi-monitor + vertical KDE taskbar panel, the KDE panel needs to be on the far far left, or far far right. Anywhere else is going to result in a monitor that can’t pop Yakuake.

ie, it’s not 20181018 specific. Where should I file a bug for this? Against KDE not openSUSE, right?

Sadly, this bug was already reported to Yakuake over a year ago, oh well.

I cloned Yakuake source, compiled, debugged, and posted a working patch to the bug. Hopefully the maintainer integrates it into the master repo. KDE taskbar panel and window strut handling is a bit hacky it seems.