2012 Macbook Pro Incorrectly configured audio

Hi! I have recently tried installing openSUSE (Aeon, but I’m pretty sure it’s true for all releases) on 2012 Macbook Pro (13 inch, MacBookPro9,2) and I have noticed that sound is configured incorrectly.

Macbook has 3 speakers. 2 satellites (tweeters) and 1 wide-band “subwoofer”.
OOTB everything is very weird, because it tries to play audio via optical out and left channel goes to the left tweeter, and right channel goes to the subwoofer. Which is obviously wrong.

If I set output to 2.1 surround, it is better… But still wrong. Left channel goes to the left tweeter, right channel goes to the right tweeter, base goes to the subwoofer… But it is wrong, because it is not a subwoofer, but a wide-band speaker, and by default there is a low-pass filter (I think at least, because it is very quiet and there is no mids what so ever)
In Windows (and probably OS X), there are two software filters, high-pass filter for the tweeters (I think 1500Hz cut off, 4th order) and a high-pass filter for the subwoofer (150Hz 4th order).

Other thing that doesn’t work right is that microphone is too quiet.
Again, in Windows driver there is an additional +12dB gain for the microphone.

So. How do I configure everything correctly? And where, most importantly.
Is this a driver issue, or pipewire/alsa/whatever issue?
Or should I try forcing quirks first, let’s say for Macbook Pro 8,1 (which should have exactly the same sound/codec/amp/etc arrangement) ? (HD-Audio Codec-Specific Models — The Linux Kernel documentation)

Hi, qpwgraph might help you. Install it play some music and try looking at how audio is connected in qpwgraph.

Everything looks fine there.

Anyway, quirks didn’t work. I’ve tried playing with channelmix.lfe-cutoff and other settings, it made it sound a little bit better, but overall, still bad, unfortunately.

It might be interesting to see the available controls:

amixer -c0

You could try checking the levels via the low-level ‘alsamixer’ utility:


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