200kbps file on a 56k connection?

pretty much I’ve got some video files that are being hosted on an RTMP server that are being encoded at a 200kbps+ data rate and I’m on a 56k connection, so I’m trying everything I can to program my way into forcing the files down the line at what ever rate my computer requests them at…

any Ideas on this before I go trying one of my own?

my Ideas so far;

  • write a script that forces the file to upload to a seperate server instead of the player, where it can be rewritten from 200kbps into 4kb chunks then retransmitted to the player (or download)

any Ideas where I’d start doing that? it would most likely have to be in HTML/XML/java

I know I can edit that in kate and kwrite, I’ve already edited a few :smiley: