#2 Naive question: how to set up multiple accounts in Kmail

Like most of the mail packages, setting up multiple accounts is not well covered in the relevant man pages. But it should be a relatively obvious process. However I’m doing something wrong in Kmail which results in the following error from Kmail when I attempt to ‘Check Mail’:

"Could not login to <pop address>. The password may be wrong

The server said “invalid user name or password”"

Well, that seems straightforward enough, except that I am using an identical set of setting for my accounts as I use in Claws Mail on another OpenSuse installation, and as I use with Thunderbird on a Windows computer. And those mail systems work without problem.

I really cannot see what I have done wrong. Perhaps someone can talk me through the process for setting up Kmmail to send/receive mail to/from multiple (in my case 5) email addresses?

I am assuming that Kmail supports multiple accounts and identities - yes?

I should add that I cannot understand the difference between an account and an identity.

An account is a set of email settings, servers, mail files. An identify is much narrower, it’s what address you want to appear in the From: line. There is a default identity for each account, but you can often create and use different identities with that account.

For example, “Office” might be an account using the office mail servers but if you have different roles in the office and several email aliases to go with them, say manager, OHS team member, sports club secretary, and so forth, you might want to use several identiies. In Thunderbird for example you can choose the identity from a drop down when composing mail.

Sorry I don’t use Kmail so I can’t help you with that.