2 Login/Authentication problems...

Guys, I´ll make this real quick. I have TWO annoying problems. If those are gone, my system is just about PERFCT. So I´de appreciate some help. :wink:

Prob #1: Login manager.
Currently I am using the KDM login manager and what I wanted to use is a compiz theme - switching to the theme won´t work (means that Design mode has no effect).

Prob #2: Authentication
See, there´s some weird stuff going on here. On Login I am only able to auth with my fingerprint - doing otherwise will result in a freezed screen with a forced reboot.
Now if I want to auth for running a program wih root privilages, authentication with fingerprint is NOT possible (window freeze). It´s ONLY possible to auth with the correct pass.

See - that´s weird… I´d be glad to somehow solve at least one of these *** pussies.

Thanks for helping!