2 HD questions

I got 2 HD sdb windows on a 350gb,the other one is also 350gb.
How should I partitioning the second HD for the best result for Opensuse 11.1?.

Thank you be so kind to help me.


Follow this guide

Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

Can I use LVN for partitioning the HD (sda)
Thank you god bless you

Missed spelled LVN it should be LVM BASE and should I go for Expert?

If you feel you have a need for LVM, by all means, though some experience would be an advantage here.

I always use expert partitioning - and in your case I would say yes, certainly.

Your priority is to leave your windows disk MBR in tact, by all means use any free space on that disk if you want.
Set your Linux disk as first to boot in BIOS. Install grub to MBR of Linux disk. Remember to set mount points to windows and any other partitions you want to use.

Know how to identify your disks, get it all clear in your mind, write it down.
Double check grub is going to MBR in Linux drive

If the grub chainloader fails to boot windows after install, don’t panic. Post your issue here.

Don’t mess with lvm unless you are certain what you are doing.
Best way if you have nothing on the second drive is during the install point the partitioner to the second drive choose to use the whole drive and accept what is suggested. Note make sure you backup all your data first just in case
This will give swap / and /home
swap is just for extra memory usage in which chunks of memory are temporarily stored on the hard disk while other data is moved into physical memory space

/ is for your root system files

/home is for user files and settings

The installation program will recognize you windows and add XP to the boot loader