2 Ethernet cards+VoIP set up questions (Urgent)

I really need to get my phone working. So I am hoping to get this done as fast as possible.

What I have:
Suse 11.1
Two ethernet cards
Linksys VoIP IPA PAP2T
Arris TM502G Cable Modem

I have a phone set up similar to Vonage but it is not, it is a different company.

Now I have had this issue with being able to either connect to the internet or use the VoIP IPA and a Workgroup Switch. There is only one port on the cable modem so that is out, I can only use that to have one thing hooked up at a time. I was trying to use a 5-port 10/100 Workgroup switch “Linksys EZX855W” and that is just not working no matter what I try.

So my solution, so far, is this. I added another Ethernet card to my computer. But setting it up like this is very new to me. I need to get the second Ethernet card to work with the VoIP IPA.

So basically I have the cable connected to the modem. The modem connected to eth0. I need eth1 to connect to the VoIP IPA and be usable for my phone.

How do I do this, how do I set this up?

This is annoying the hell out of me. I think the problem is with my modem and not the workgroup switch. For some reason if I have both the computer and the IPA hooked up at the same time the modem assigns to the IPA but it won’t do anything with it. It’s like it assigns a dead address and their is no setup page I can find to play around with the modem, believe me I looked.

The IPA works great, mostly, when it has the actual IP address. I am thinking about setting up a separate computer as a firewall/gateway and then trying this all. Maybe that will get around this cable modem. I want to try one more thing first. It is possible that the IPA is not seeing things the right way.


It is the modem. I set up an old computer and put SME on it. After some headaches I realized one of the ethernet cards was shot. After I replaced that it worked fine. Both the phone and internet at the same time without anything cutting out.

Now I am going to get rid of SME and install Smoothwall instead. SME was what I was familiar with and I wanted to make sure it would work but I don’t want a server and gateway set up.

I stuck with SME, I am familiar with it and I kept messing Smoothwall up somehow. I just set SME up as a private server.

So I did it my way and the problem is solved. I will try another way if it is better later. Spending all day on this I am calling it a victory and leaving it at that.