2 audio cards - how to redirect audio streams?


on my PC I have 2 sound drivers, one from the mainboard (AC97) and one PCI card (ES1969). Because the mainboard sound path did not recording, I installed the PCI sound card and with 11.1, I managed it to play and record all audio data.

With 11.2 the PCI sound path plays the system sounds (suse start-up or shut-down sounds) but not the streaming audio data (skype, flash player). But these are played by the mainboard audio instead.

The audio-tests from yast->hardware->sound work for both paths.

How should I configure the system to redirect the audio streams to the desired (PCI) audio path?

The PCI audio is set as primary sound card and is not muted.



In KDE - Personal Settings (Configure Desktop) have option to set sound device per application or system events

/usr/bin/systemsettings -caption “Personal Settings” -icon preferences-system

->Computer Administration->Multimedia

In such a case, I usually disable on board audio in the BIOS setup. It makes everything easier under Linux.