1st Reboot after system update on clean install w/UEFI:secureboot goes to Grub LEAP 15

I have a repeatable issue with updates to a clean install of LEAP 15.

System layout is : MS-7693, 32 GB RAM, 2 x 3 TB HDD, AMD FX-8120 @ 3.1 GHz, MSI R7 250.

Drive Topography

Drive Partition Size Encrypted Format RAID Set Mount Point
sda1 8.00 MB raw not mounted
sda2 400.00 GB X btrfs mdraid0 /
sda3 8.00 GB X swap mdraid1 /swap
sda4 1.33 TB X xfs mdraid2 /xfr00
sda5 1.00 TB X xfs mdraid3 /dat00
sdb1 8.00 MB vfat /boot/efi
sdb2 400.00 GB X btrfs mdraid0 /
sdb3 8.00 GB X swap mdraid1 /swap
sdb4 1.33 TB X xfs mdraid2 /xfr00
sdb5 1.00 TB X xfs mdraid3 /dat00

BIOS recognizes boot priority as SATA [UEFI:secureboot–opensuse].

I had to let YAST suggest the layout that sdb1 as /boot/efi; any alteration of that designation would lead to a failure at the end of :

Execution of command “”/usr/sbin/shim-install", “–config-file=/boot/grbu2/grub.cfg”]]" failed. Exit code: 37 Error output: Installing for x86_64-efi platform Installation finished. No error reported. invalid numeric value

So I accepted YAST’s wisdom after three attempts of forcing it to sda.

Install proceeds without incident.

First boot succeeds after prompting for the encryption key (as expected). System operates normally.

Dozens of updates and patches are suggested, and I install them through the auto install widget in the task bar.

After reboot, I am immediately thrown to a GRUB v 2.02 menu; no splash, no messaging of attempting to load, to prompt for an encryption key.

This is my first adventure into encrypted partitions with secure boot enabled.

I am guessing that a new kernel is being installed into the /boot section and grub is not able to handle it? (Just wild guess here…)

Any guidance would be appreciated…

Corrected partition sizes…

The correction helps.

I have no RAID experience, so I probably can’t give much help.

This is just a comment about the encryption.

If the partition containing “/boot” is encrypted, it is normal for the initial grub2 prompt to ask for encryption key. After providing that, you get a menu. And then, after selecting a menu entry the kernel may prompt again for the encryption key.

I’m not sure if that is what you are seeing. Your description is a bit vague.

However, I would expect the same behavior for the first boot as for later boots. And you seem to indicate those were different. So that suggests a RAID issue to me.

nrickert - thanks for your input, but I don’t think it is part of the issue (as clarified above). However, I could be completely wrong.

I am working on trying to replicate and document what I am seeing with captures and logs.

Any suggestions as to what I should include that would help to clarify the condition?

Much appreciated…

If you are getting a “>grub” prompt, then grub is being loaded. So I think the “/dev/sdb1” as EFI partition is working properly. Since it does not get beyond that point, something is going wrong and grub apparently cannot see your disks.

With no RAID experience, I don’t know where to go from there. Presumably your BIOS is supposed to be doing something to setup RAID disks, but that might not be working.

You should at the very least post so that your posts can be properly understood and quoted. When you put your text inside of quote of somebody else, then not only is it not clear what belongs to you and what belongs to somebody else, but this quote is also skipped when replying.

Start over and explain what you see. Because “grub menu” is exactly what you are expected to get during boot (unless you explicitly configured grub to not present this menu and go immediately to default item, in which case you should also mention this).

Thank you for your clear and insightful advice! It directly pointed me to the obvious resolution…

When someone such as arvidjaar steps in to try to help you, completely on a free, voluntary basis, and tells you that you need to give better information so arvidjaar – who is probably the one with the most knowledge to help you out in this situation – can help you …

It is generally not acceptable to respond with a snarky post. This kind of thing will not encourage anyone to help you. Also, please note, it is against our Forum policies.