1680x1050 Display on 10.3

I recently did a clean re-install of openSUSE v10.3 to change from Reiser FS to ext3. On my original installation it was no problem to set my graphics mode to 1680x1050. On the new installation I can’t get it to offer me a choice above 1152x864. (YaST graphics card and monitor). The monitor size and frequency settings seem correct. (Dell 2007FP)

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?

have you tried using sax2 to configure your graphics ?


And what’s the video card?

I am not sure why, but running ‘sax2 -u’ as su from a terminal gave access to the 1680x1050 mode where it was not available from YaST or just running ‘sax2’

Seems to be fixed. Thanks for the help.