15.4 and KDE

where do I download desktop version 15.4 with KDE?


Thanks for the reply, but in that link nothing says that it is for an installation with KDE

A openSUSE installation offers you always a choice of Desktop Environments to choose from. That has always been the case. There is no special one for KDE, Gnome, etc. There is only one.

You can also install more DEs if you want. Either at installation or later add them.

And I do not quite understand why you ask this. In another thread you state that you installed 15.4 fresh on a system. Then you must have passed by the question which DE to install done by the installer. So why you ask what you have already seen?

openSUSE does not have separate per-Desktop Environment images –

  • The primary choice of the preferred Desktop Environment is made during the installation.

Unfortunately, the Leap 15.4 documentation hasn’t yet been made available but, you can use the Leap 15.3 Startup Guide to help with the installation – <https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/startup/html/book-startup/index.html&gt; – as the Installation procedure proceeds, all needed documentation is available from the Installation screens.

Thank you very much for the clear and precise answer.