15.3 on Asus VivoBook finds no audio devices

New computer on which openSuse 15.3 is the first version installed as a dual-boot with Win10 (on AMD 5000/7) finds no audio devices when using the volume control in the tray. Yast shows two configured devices: ATI and Family 17H. Driver shown in Yast is snd-hda-intel. Can’t stream audio (from a radio station) in either Firefox 78.12 or Chromium 91.0. Search of the forum produces nothing similar that I see. Suggestions?

Install opi, then do:

opi codecs

Most likely you’re missing some codecs, this will add the Packman repo and install the codecs from it.

I did forget to add Packman to the repositories. Did with your suggestion and added codecs. However, there was on dependency that failed and still couldn’t play from a radio station web site. Will get more details when I return from a road trip and post them here. Didn’t want to ignore the thread.

ILL too new hardware.
Try with TW or Leap + new kernel from kernel:stable-backported repo.

The opi command showed two lines that included “status”, which I understand to be normal. Without other obvious options, I installed openSuse 15.2, replacing 15.3. Audio hardware devices are discovered, and I can stream audio. Not sure why, so I’m also not sure how to write a bug report. Any suggestions?

Leap 15.3 has troubles with audio.
Create bug report to sort them out.

If you still have openSUSE-LEAP-15.3 on a boot partition, while waiting for a bug report response, (or in parallel to writing such) you could provide more information on the specifics of your Asus VivoBook hardware. That may, or may not, point to a solution that was overlooked.

You can do that, as a regular user, by opening a konsole/xterm (with PC connected to internet) and sending this command:


Select the UPLOAD/SHARE option when prompted and let the script run to completion. When it finishes, it will indicate in the konsole/xterm where it uploaded the output from the diagnostic script. Post that URL link here. We can look at it and see if something obvious was missed.