15.2? Beautiful! Brother Printer? Beautiful-er!

I recently took the plunge and installed 15.2 from scratch on my home desktop. Gnome is my desktop of choice. My experience? Everything I use is rock solid and just works. I’m a bit of an old guy, so I play a few old guy-paced games (no shoot’em ups for me). Steam and Proton work plenty adeduately for me. Zoom and multimedia etc are no problem either.

And then… I recently had a lapse in judgment and purchased a Brother Laser Printer-Scanner for my desktop. Even with the drivers in hand, I learned quickly that Brothers are a bit Linux-challenged, to say the least. I have been through a bit of a learning curve figuring out how to get it to install, trying my hand with “the buntu’s,” Manjaro, and Solus. Other than Solus, it’s a work still in progress for me. Solus is a bit sluggish from the time of clicking the scan or print box to when it actually does so, but it works solidly. The others, no luck so far. And then there’s openSUSE. Easy install via the manufacturer’s install file. A click to set it as the default printer, reboot, and I’m good to go. Perfect. Instantly responsive. Smooth. Does what’s advertised. Just as with my old HP all-in-one with openSUSE, it’s way better with printer function than with any other distro I’ve tried. Beautiful.

Thanks so so much to the devs!!! It’s nice to know I have a rock steady home.

CPU: Intel i5-6600 (4) @ 3.900GHz
GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 460/560D / Pro
Memory: 16 GB

ps - I apologize to the devs and supporters for a few whiny posts I put out in the process of learning openSUSE. I’m not of a tech background and am a bit of a slow learner. But I get there if I keep working at it. Again, my apologies.