15.2 -> 15.3 upgrade - don't

Anyone else having problems with updating packages after upgrading?

I think it is a complete mess with too many different repos to look at. The are the install, 15.3 update, backports, and 4 SLE SP’s.

There are packages missing - curus-imapd, which the update process removes but does not alert you to it.

There are kernel modules missing - 1wire.

It’s a disaster.

That seems like a bug. A bug report might be appropriate.

I did a clean install with the iso that was put up on May 26th. I think that’s actually the final release iso, though I can’t be sure of that. There was no backports repo. There were no SLE repos. So I think something went wrong with your upgrade.

As far as I know, the packages from the SLE repos (including backports) are supposed to be in the main opensuse repo.

I have no idea what it is and it certainly was not present in Leap 15.2 either. If you actually mean cyrus-imapd - https://lists.opensuse.org/archives/list/factory@lists.opensuse.org/thread/Z2NQSHFQW2BMTFSEJL6YFEFL2BAFEBJA/

which the update process removes but does not alert you to it.

Well, there are 15646 packages explicitly configured to be removed (if present) on upgrade to Leap 15.3. While some particular package may be very important to you personally, it is unreasonable to expect warning for every package that is being removed.

There are kernel modules missing - 1wire.

Such kernel module never existed in Leap 15.2 either. There is 1-Wire subsystem and there was “wire” kernel module and various drivers. Yes, it is not present. Leap 15.3 kernel comes straight from SLE and probably SLE never needed it. Unless your post is a rant, you should open bug report and request enabling w1 subsystem. Posting to openSUSE kernel mailing list may also draw additional attention of developers (but bug report is mandatory, it is needed as reference for any update).