13.2 Xfce software update failing


I have a clean install of opensuse 13.2 Xfce. Yesterday a software update notification arrived for two packages. One package installed without problem and the other failed. The package that fails is listed in the updater as “recommended update for xfdesktop openSUSE-2014-720-1”. When installing this update a dialog pops up saying “Failed process request” and under details shows “xfdesktop-4.10.3-5.4.1.x86_64 requires xfdesktop-branding = 4.10.3, but this requirement cannot be provided”. Is there any way to get this update to install? I get constant popup notifications about this update since it cannot install.


Maybe the mirror your being redirected to doesn’t contain the package?

Try forcing a refresh via zypper and commandline as root user;

zypper ref -f
zypper patch
zypepr lu
zypper up

It’s a bug. I reported that as Bug 907537 Patch openSUSE-2014-720-1 is broken

The maintainer of this software says that it is safe to force the update (tell Yast to ignore some of the requirements). You can find that in the bug report.

Personally, I’ll just wait a few days by which time it will probably be corrected.

You may see this as well https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/503078-Latest-upgrade-to-XFCE-desktop-may-render-the-Desktop-non-usable