13.2 update: x-server fails (nvidia card)

Hi all

13.2 updated ok on my laptop, but i’ve just tried it on my PC (with some trepidation since nvidia is usually a problem here)

I can’t boot to X (though the weird green boot screen loads up but displays reverts to command line where the login stage should be)

There’s quite a lot going on in here

I was using a wireless connection so running zypper etc is out of the question now by the looks of it, but I dual boot with windows with a shared drive between the two if i need anything transferred, or could possibly hunt down my powerline adapter for ethernet. Does anyone have any ideas rather than me poking things?

This nvidia nonsense is always such a bother, really is.

G02 driver?
The current one in the repo does not work with 13.2’s Xorg.
There’s another thread about this already, and a bug report.
An update is in the works and should be in the repo soon.

You should be able to configure your wireless with YaST (switch to Wicked Service).
Or try booting to recovery mode. But I think you would have to uninstall the nvidia driver for that to work. You can do so either via YaST (it works in text mode too), zypper or rpm.

Thanks! I saw that thread but thought it was a different issue. I’ll uninstall g02 and give it a go tomorrow, recovery mode just put me back in command line so hopefully that’ll work :slight_smile:

Well, I have no idea whether the updated version will be in the repo tomorrow already.
Better check the version numbler in YaST or with “zypper se -s x11-video-nvidiaG02” before you install it.
You need 304.123, the current non-working one is 304.121.

recovery mode just put me back in command line so hopefully that’ll work :slight_smile:

It should.
But if nouveau works fine for you (except for the poorer performance compared to nvidia of course) you don’t even need to use recovery mode.
Just do a normal boot in this case.

PS, the 304.123 driver is in fact in the repo already. :slight_smile:

So please try to install it from there again now and report back whether it works.

Why “of course”? As far as graphic performance, nouveau most probably behaves the same. There are other considerations when choosing between them, that’s true.

It would be news to me if nouveau came even close to nvidia’s performance regarding OpenGL acceleration.

OK, I have limited experience with nouveau so mostly rely on what I have read.

AAAAAAND this is working now :slight_smile:

cheers wolfi323!

News to me, too. I see quite a performance difference on all of my machines with nvidia cards.:wink:

GO2 may be working, but GO3 still breaks. At this point was easier to migrate to tumbleweed and start using bumblebee’s dkms package.

Bumblebee is a setup for optimus based systems. You pretty much have to have it for notebooks with Intel+NVIDIA GPUs It probably is not a great idea to use for non-optimus systems. On non-optimus none of the normal NVIDIA drivers will work

If you mean “G02” and “G03” - I’m using G03 drivers and did not observe issues (apart from old known problem with rendering in GNOME). So it does not seem to be universally broken.

dkms and Bumblebee is available for 13.1/13.2 as well, no need to switch to Tumbleweed for that.

But what package do you mean exactly?

And as mentioned, if you have an Optimus system, the standard NVIDIA driver will not work, and even break your intel driver.
You have to use Bumblebee in that case (unless you can disable the intel chip in the BIOS).

And your specific graphics card model would be interesting too. Not all nvidia cards are supported by the G03 driver… :wink: