13.2 to cisco router connection problem

I have just changed router from Telsey WAU 11N to Cisco E900 and have not been abæe to set up the connection again. It went smoothly via the YaST Network Settings for the Telsey router, but not with the Cisco router - and I cannot figure out how to solve this. I am using KDE on suse 13.2

Are you using DHCP or not? What did you fill in in YaST? Please some more information. Telling that you could do it earlier, but not telling what you did (then and now) does not help to give others any idea about what might be wrong.

Any other computers in the LAN that can connect to the new router? Maybe it is simply broken.

Can you connect to other computers in the LAN?

Is your NIC (cabled/wired) Up and does it have an IP address?

ifconfig -a

Solved by retrying the default option - the Wicked Service option in the Network settings (IPv6 enabled).:slight_smile:

It may be possible that there is some problem with the network. If possible try this http://voicearray.com/ as they give best services at cheap rates.