13.2 RC1 - Nework Config Fails During Upgrade

I tried doing an upgrade of a machine (Intel NUC DN2820FYKH w/ Latest Bios) that had 13.1 installed. During the configuration, it asked if I wanted to configure the network, but failed.

Steps to Reproduce

Burn x86_64 ISO image onto USB thumb drive.
Insert thumb drive into INTEL NUC.
During power-on, press F10 and boot from the USB thumb drive.
At the SUSE boot menu, select the Upgrade Option.
The partition containing the current install is show. Select next.
A screen appears showing the various repositories that are removed. Hit Next.
A dialog appears saying “Network is not configured. Online sources defined by product require and Internet Connection. Would you like to configure it?”. If you select Yes, it stays stuck - the dialog keeps re-appearing.
If you select no, it displays “Error cannot download list of repositories - No Network Configured”.

Also, at several points through the upgrade process, the system would hang. One of the debug consoles would show the attached image. This set of messages was displayed at least 4 or 5 times.


When doing a clean install, I was able to configure the network successfully.

Which image? Was this the NET install image or the DVD installer image?

Normally, the DVD installer should be able to continue without network.

Also, were you using a wired ethernet connection, or WiFi? It is known that there is currently a problem with the NET installer and WiFi (see bug 899895).

I was using the DVD image. A wired connection was configured on the device, but it also had a wifi adapter built into it. I was able to complete the installation successfully, but the error was disconcerting.

You should check out the picture I attached about the hanging during the install. It hung several times for 2-3 minutes each time. Each time it hung it displayed a series of messages like the one on this image:


The image shows many “os-prober” lines. As far as I know, those indicate that the bootloader was being configured at that time. So that should be well past the network configuration stage.

I guess I’m not understanding why it’s happening so many times during the installation and causing it to hangup a lot.

At present, there’s too little information for me to be able to tell.