13.2 RC1 - Install Virtualization Fails

I did a clean install of OpenSUSE 13.2, selecting LXDE as the desktop environment. After the installation completed successfully, I started YAST and chose Install Virtualization Server.

When the dialog appeared, I selected the middle options for Install KVM Server, and KVM Tools. During the install, a dialog appeared saying:

nothing provides libvte2_90-9 needed by virt-manager-1.0.1-14.3.1.noarch

Options were provided

do not install virt-manager-xxxxx
break virt-manager-xxxxx

I initially chose break, and it was broken. I did a clean install, and found libvte_2_91 and installed it.

I tried going through the steps and creating a virtual machine but was unsuccessful. During the setup for a new VM, if I chose “Customize configuration before install”, I got the error message: “Error starting installation cannot import name Vte”.

If I unchecked the option and went forward, I got:

“Internal error: process exited while connecting to monitor: Could not access KVM kernel module: Permission denied Failed to initialize KVM: Permission denied”

Granted I don’t have any experience using the virtualization tools, but I did try reading the manual first, and it just doesn’t seem to work.

Didn’t go as far as you - just gave up with the missing dependency. I assume it will be resolved once all the 13.2 repositories become available. But it might be worth reporting it as a bug - no-one has done so so far.

The dependency error has been reported, and is fixed already:

No idea about that “Permission denied”, might be related though.
You might try current Factory before you report a bug.