13.2 new install can't connect to internet --- sheeesh!

Just installed SUSE 13.2 64 bit, with kde front end.

I have a Huawei Mobile Broadband dongle. model 173 I think. It works fine in Mint 15, 17, windows xp, vista, and win7. In SUSE I enter all of the fields in the network manager (GSM – Sri Lanka – Mobitel … ) but when I’m finished the device doesn’t show up in the list. I tried a different dongle, an earlier model E156. This time the dolphin saw the dongle and its extra memory, but still it doesn’t appear in network manager.

Had a similar problem with Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17.1 after an update – which took away GSM connectivity. I had to revert to another mint 17 installation in order to connect.

The solution in mint 17.1 was to download and install some legacy modem manger. Using it I have to go through 4 or more screens entering data just to make a connection. So I quit 17.1 entirely.

Could somebody explain an easy way to get SUSE to connect to a GSM network? --so I can finish the setup and start working.

I thought SUSE was a mature product … but it’s broken out of the box!!! These are very common GSM dongles in Asia, where we have few hardwired connections >:(


See this page


every link on the page leads to 404 error. SHEESH!

The “one-click install” link leads to a page which requires an active internet connection SHEESH!!!

So how the !@$@#$ is a new user (me) supposed to proceed at this point?

I think there ought to be an international law that REQUIRES engineers to ACTUALLY USE THE CR*P THEY DESIGN.

There is a known issue with the usb_modeswitch, I had the same issue with my Huawei 4G/LTE where it required an updated RPM.

32bit openSUSE 13.2:


32bit openSUSE 13.2:


You need to download and move those files to your Linux install and then, as root, issue rpm -Uvh <nameofthe.rpm> to upgrade it. Once done, reboot to make sure the new usb_modeswitch is being used.

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