13.2 milestone 0 KDM error

I have tried installing 13.2 milestone 0 (build 137) KDE on several computers. Installation seems ok, but on boot I get:

Logging in linux…

A critical error occurred
Please look at KDM logilfe(s) for more information
or contact your administrator

It then shows the login dialog with my login name, but it doesn’t accept any input in the password area.

If I login a text console and check /var/log/kdm.log, I find some errors about not being able to communicate with the DBUS server.

If I then su and kill the X server, when it restarts there is no error from KDM, and I can login normally.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


I got that when I installed using the live KDE media. Before that, there was an error in the final stage of install (following the reboot). I did not write down the message.

I reinstalled using the DVD image. I do not have that problem with the install from DVD image. (In all cases, I actually used a USB device for the install).

As best I can tell (and I am partly guessing), what used to be done in the final stages of install, following the reboot, has been moved to the earlier stages before the reboot. However, the live media still depends on that now non-existent final stage following the reboot. I’m assuming this will be fixed for M1 (milestone 1). And we still do not have a schedule for milestone releases.

Thanks for the help. This was exactly right - I was installing from the KDE Live image, and when I changed to the DVD installer this problem did not occur.