I have managed to get 13.2 installed on my desktop but had to select no ACPI and also text mode but now when it boots up it wont boot in through the normal login it sticks at “loading initial ramdisk” and it will only boot if i select advance options and select the second option which is rescue, and then it boots up fine but the display is all enlarged. I am thinking of just uninstalling it until all these bugs have been solved

sorry i meant booting problems not logging in problems sorry for adding to thise topic

Can I add to this that I have just loaded 13.2 with no problem off a live distro

You need the propritary video driver for you card. Which is AMD right in which case you have to wait since that driver is still broken I believe.

You are probably running with one of the generic drivers

Is your video looking okay from the live session?

I have it installed now and running fine with all updates done. I installed it using 13.2 tumbleweed live kde. Would u be able to tell me plz how to add the pacman repository as when I go into community repository its not there.

Anyone else having issues with installation should maybe try running the live dvd versions and doing there install from there as this method has worked for me and i tried it another few times to make sure it was not a fluke so to speak just cant find the packman repository thanks for all the time and help so far its been really smooth =) .