13.2 Live-DVD just go black

Since i don’t like upgrading 13.1 to 13.2, i want to backup and do a clean install.
To do this i think i can use the Live-DVD to backup, but 13.2 Live-DVD just crash og screen go black.

HP Elitebook i7 vPro with AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M


Try to press ‘F3’ and select “No KMS” in the boot menu:


If you don’t have that option, press ‘e’, search for the line starting with “linux” or “linuxefi”, and append “nomodeset” at the end, then press ‘F10’ to boot.

Or just upgrade. I didn’t do a fresh installation on this system here since SuSE 8.1.

But as you apparently have problems with the open source radeon driver, you should better wait with the upgrade/fresh install.
A working fglrx driver is not available yet for 13.2. So you probably will only be able to use “Recovery Mode”.

You most certainly should backup the system before doing anything this major (either update or clean install).

Use Clonezilla to make your backups. It has the option to create a boot CD or a boot USB key for running Clonezilla.

I have found it to be completely reliable.

However, before installing 13.2, follow wolfi’s suggestion to wait until the drivers are ready.