13.2 KDE - YaST download speed slow but snappy with Zypper

If I use the YAst software manager the download is slow with average speed of 30 KB/s

If I use zypper to install something I can download at 1.5 MB/s

What’s going on?

System is dual booted with Windows 10 Technical Preview (9926), file systems are all ext4

WiFi card is Intel Wireless-N 7260 and this is on a Toshiba Satellite E55t laptop

any help please? This is a pain installing patterns when zypper doesn’t find “patterns-openSUSE-xfce” for example

sudo zypper in -t pattern xfce


Works thanks.

Went back to KDE though. KDE was interfering with Xfce and vice versa.

And YaST is much faster (1.5 MBps or so on same network) after a reinstall.