13.2 KDE ibus pinyin not working.

I’ve installed ibus pinyin input method,ibus preference show up,I can do some setting,but it’s not working while I trigger it. Any solution?

Does uninstalling plasma-addons help maybe?

This contains a kimpanel plasmoid for input methods, which apparently can cause problems with the standard ibus one.

Hi thank you!!! Uninstall plasma-addon solve the problem! lol!

I’m not sure that ibus is particularly well maintained in openSUSE any more.
The more solid IME for 13.1 and 13.2 would be fcitx

Well, I don’t know anything about that, and I don’t use any IME myself either.

But there is an update for plasma-addons in the queue already to fix that conflict, and another one for ibus-hangul as well to update it to version 1.5:
So I’d say it’s not completely unmaintained either… :wink:

almost a couple of years back now the M17n maintainer proposed that ibus be dropped in favour of fcitx as the default ime in openSUSE.
I’m not sure if that happened or not as I always install the ime of my choice manually (rather than selecting "secondary language and letting yast do it all on auto for me).
The reasoning behind the proposal was that ibus development upstream had stalled and it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain in openSUSE - particularly in KDE.
This was very evident in 13.1 where ibus was an absolute mess - not only for ime users but for all users (conflicts with libreoffice in KDE). as it was installed by default for all users.
Again in 13.2 it has problems (bug report noted above, also I couldn’t get it working with mozc for Japanese input - I only had a quick play but gave up on it as too hard)
FCITX on the other hand (in 13.1 and 13.2) is just install / start / configure / use.
One of the areas where fcitx is superior to ibus is in Libreoffice - ibus has always had problems with usage in libreoffice.

As I said, I don’t know much (or anything at all actually) about all this.

Just this:

It was not installed by default in KDE at least. GNOME did pull it in though AFAIR.

One of the areas where fcitx is superior to ibus is in Libreoffice - ibus has always had problems with usage in libreoffice.

I thought it is supposed to work fine with libreoffice-gnome.
That’s at least the reason why ibus forces the use of libreoffice-gnome even in KDE AFAIK.

For 13.2 this is forced only if libreoffice-gnome is actually installed though. In 13.1 this was unconditional. So if you didn’t install libreoffice-gnome manually, neither ibus nor KDE integration worked IIANM.

you could be correct. I don’t remember clearly. My memory was of having to remove ibus to prevent Libreoffice from have a terrible looking gui due to issues around conflicts with libreoffice-kde. The advised solution was to switch it out for libreoffice-gnome. I don’t remember having installed ibus but I guess it could have been dragged in from a selected pattern during installation of 13.1.
I do also remember a lot of users asking why their libreoffice gui was messed up and being advised to remove ibus if they didn’t use it. I just assumed it was installed by default for them because if they were not ime users why would it have been there.

I did use ibus for many many years. Just over the last couple of releases it has been much easier to set up fcitx than ibus without any hassle.

Well, the GUI didn’t really look much different, as it would use gtk2-theme-oxygen anyway (if installed and configured, as it should be by default on a KDE installation).

The advised solution was to switch it out for libreoffice-gnome.

Not by me. I always advised to uninstall ibus, unless needed. :wink:

Anyway, as mentioned, in 13.2 ibus only forces libreoffice-gnome if libreoffice-gnome is actually installed. So having ibus installed alone, does not break libreoffice-kde4 anymore.
AFAIK, this is done because ibus apparently only works satisfactorily in LibreOffice with libreoffice-gnome. But again, I don’t know details.
The xim config file included in ibus (/etc/X11/xim.d/ibus) only mentions this:

# Force OOo to use gtk-immodule
# Only libreoffice-gnome supports IM module
# To fix cursor following problem (on_the_spot), do not use libreoffice-kde4