13.2 kde autostart lost plasma desktop

In yast startup and shutdown options I disabled the plasma workspace (idiot - I know).
Now I can’t get back in to reenable it. The little spanner bottom left on the login screen appears to do it but doesn’t. I can log on as root.
Is there anyway other way of starting the plasma workspace or if not what configuration file do I need to change. I have searched the internet and can’t find the answer.
Thanks in advance

At the Grub menu, tap the “e” key. Scroll down to the line that begins with “linux”, tap the “End” key to make sure you get to the end of the command line, add a space, add 3, hit F10.

Log in as root.

At the command line, type “yast”, and use that version of Yast to reverse your changes.

Are you sure you did that in YaST?
I doubt it, rather in KDE’s System Settings->Startup and Shutdown, no? :wink:

Anyway, IIANM that will create a file in ~/.config/autostart/ which should be called plasma-desktop.desktop (with autostart disabled). Delete this and it should work again.

The little spanner bottom left on the login screen appears to do it but doesn’t.

That little spanner allows you to choose which desktop you want to login too. It doesn’t enable/disable any autostart applications.
Choosing “IceWM” there should at least give you a working desktop though, albeit minimal.

OTOH, you may be able to launch applications in your broken Plasma session via Alt+F2 (enter plasma-desktop as command to start the Plasma desktop).

Yes, it was in system settings
And alt F2 got me to system settings to put it right.
Saved!! Thank you very much.

… right, I was thinking that after I replied above and was going to come back here, but fortunately you showed up.:slight_smile: