13.2 KDE 64bit -> LEAP 42.1 Upgrade Catastrophe


I’ve recently upgraded on my 2nd laptop from 13.2KDE 64 bit to LEAP 42.1:

After playing LEAP, I’ve decided to do it for my primary laptop as well, before school starts.

Well, everything seemed to move as smooth as it did for 2nd laptop. Except…
on the Primary laptop, it will not boot after the upgrade. All I get on the screen is:


As 2nd laptop HDD is clone of primary laptop. I can still salvage everything from primary through USB SSD connector, then clone from 2nd to primary. I will do that in 8 hours, unless someone proposes a better solution.

Please let me know what I should do.

Very well, I shall fresh install with 42.1 on the Primary, whence everything has been backed up.

There is a slight issue, I cannot access the ~/Desktop of the SSD from the primary/and/or it is empty. Any suggestions?


I’ve fresh installed with LEAP 42.1.

In additions to some bugs I had in 13.2, It adds features I dislike, and eliminates features I like. I decided to downgrade to 13.1 and stay unsupported.