13.2, clean install or upgrade?

hi, gurus:

i am running 13.1 and watching the progress of 13.2… just wondering: which would be the better option: clean install from scratch or upgrade 13.1 → 13.2?



Well, that’s mainly a matter of taste, I’d say.

I haven’t done a fresh install here on this system since SuSE 8.1, only upgrades including 13.1->13.2 last week… :wink:

Me I always go for a clean install. I use the opportunity to blow out the dust bunnies I accumulate (ie programs I’ve installed but don’t use) . I maintain 2 root partitions and rotate them with each version. Thus can test things out without committing to the new OS until I vet it on my hardware.

Belt and suspenders

That depends solely on personal preferences. In my case, I prefer clean, fresh installs.:wink:

If there is not much data on the system, if there is not much configuration settings and the like I would prefer the fresh install, even with a complete new partitioning etc.

However, on a more complex system with a lotta services running and a lotta data to be copied somewhere else during the installation and be copied back later on I would always prefer the upgrade.
I have done upgrade to 13.2 on my home server here with nearly zero downtime of the server and without much restauration work afterwards.

Upgrading will leave your configuration settings intact more or less. With a new Installation you will have to build up everything from scratch.

New installation will clean up the system and might be more stable in the end.

IMO, if you are considering fresh vs upgrade, then a fresh install is the best bc it means you probably don’t have much custom configurations rotfl!

I always do fresh installs to be fair, I just save all my docs and pics on Dropbox and then connect it to the new install. Bam, done lol