13.2/13.1: Battery state reported incorrectly; no lid-closing action

Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forums (although I’ve been lurking around in the forums for a while, It’s the first time I was unable to find any solution to my problem).
My system:

Samsung NP530U3C
Second generation Core i5 
Intel HD Graphics 2000
OpenSuse 13.2 KDE
Linux 3.16.6-2

I recently installed 13.2 with KDE, but I also tested on 13.1 and even tumbleweed. System is updated, I’ve done a zypper refresh, zypper update and zypper dup. According to KDE plasmoid settings, everything is correct.

The battery state is reported incorrectly: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it works after a while. I can’t perceive any pattern here.
Sometimes I just keep connecting and disconnecting the charger multiple times, until it stays on the desired state. I usually keep track by looking at the icon on KDE taskbar, but then, sometimes it show 2 different states at the same time (the taskbar icon show the charging icon, but when clicking on it, it says it is discharging!). Sometimes, when connecting and disconnecting the charger repeatedly, the brightness goes to maximum or minimum (and by minimum, it means pitch-black).
By the way, it does suspend to RAM after the configured time on the Power Management plasmoid.

There’s also the laptop lid problem: it is not recognized, at least not entirely. It does turn off the screen, but it does not suspend to RAM, even though it’s enabled on Plasma settings.

Everything on logind.conf is commented out, it is supposed to be that way?

Other than this, I’m out of ideas, Any suggestions?