13.1x64 wifi keeps disconnecting

Dear Opensuse users: My WPA2 wifi keeps disconnecting despite good signal strength. It only happens in OS13.1, not windows, and it seems to need to ask for my kwallet password to reestablish connection. I think that this is a WPA2 thing where the wifi broadcast turns off or else a new key needs to be negotiated - but it asks for my kwallet password in order to fetch my WPA2 passphrase. It’s kind of a problem and is a change from previous versions of OS - it didn’t used to have to ask for my kwallet password every hour or so. Maybe something changed in NetworkManager or kwallet?

HP 17-016dx laptop
AMD 5550M quad core
8gb memory
13.1 x64
Realtek WLAN rtl8818ee (wlo1)

Thanks for any suggestions.:slight_smile: