13.1's Network Manager and DHCP: Need to Delete ISP Nameservers & Add Google's

I’m a bit confused about changing name servers via Network Manager in 13.1 Gnome.

I’m using a wired connection with out-of-the box installer-configured DHCP and want to remove my ISP’s name servers and add Google’s.

Via “Network” in “Settings”, I have added and to IPv4, while retaining the “Automatic DHCP” setting. The “Automatic DHCP addresses only” option is no longer present. I see no way to delete existing name server entries.

“Network” now shows both the ISP’s nameservers and Google’s.

“The Network Connections” applet does retain the “Automatic (DHCP) addresses only” option and I have entered and in the IPv4 tab. The ISP name servers are not listed.

/etc/resolv.conf shows:


(No typo. is missing there.)

I guess you did not post the complete /etc/resolv.conf above. When you would have done so, you could see there that you have to remove at least the last line of the comment when you want to configure manualy. Thus remove that line and the two lines of the servers you do not want to use. And of course you can add the second Google one when you like that. It is now completely in at your manual discretion.

Thanks. Couldn’t find anything in the docs addressing this.

It needs to be done manually, then, not via Network Manager, as previously? How would that affect future use of NM? Would all network config need to be manually?

I am not using NetworkManager, so I do not know the details. But to me it seems that you want to deviate from the default behaviour that you let DHCP fill in some configs. I als do not use DHCP, thus I dop it all using YaST and the ifup method. (Then i do not need to remove that line, because there is not ‘automated’ tool that wants to change there).

But NetworkManager is not dying as long as people want to walk around with computers and the end-users want toi decide which connection they want. And I do not think that human need is dying ;).

What I gave you isa method th fix your wanted usage of a fixed set of DNS servers, not to be changed by DHCP. It might be possible tro do that using NM. I show it from the CLI.

Hmm. It’s a laptop so I’d like to leave it with NM. Just a bit bemused by the apparent loss of that capability in NM, and what the difference is between “Networks” in Setting and the “Network Connections” applet. Why have both?

The DHCP config was created by default during the install. I can intervene to edit network settings with Fedora’s installer, but I haven’t tried that here.