13.1: xulrunner & Firefox g_slice_set_config assertion 'sys_page_size == 0' failed on 2nd instance

xulrunner dies if you try to start two instances of the same application always with the error " g_slice_set_config assertion ‘sys_page_size == 0’ failed" Same if you try to launch it with firefox --app application.ini

I’m sure this was working a couple of days ago, and googling the message reveals that it is due to a change in glib done about nine months ago. I need to find a workaround until that is resolved, assuming of course that it ever is.

Have built the latest Firefox from source and the problem remains, so I guess that “upgrading” is not a solution at this moment so how do I revert to the previous GLib (or Firefox, or Xulrunner, or…) packages? The zypper world is so comfortable that I’d prefer not to leave it.

glib is a low level support lib for Gnome. I suspect down grading it would truly break lots of stuff.

Well, not only for GNOME. Trying to remove it would remove 1674 other packages as well on my system, so they all depend on glib somehow. :wink:
Your actual point is of course true.

Although you could try to revert libglib-2_0-0 to the version from the standard OSS repo (there has been an update in the Update repo already). This should not cause problems. except those that were fixed with the update of course.
But glib was not updated since December, so I would find it strange that you would start having problems NOW.

And you could also try to downgrade Firefox/xulrunner.
Just click on the “Versions” tab in YaST. The update repo keeps all older versions, and there’s always the version from the standard repo (which doesn’t change after release) as well.

For your information, this explains the problem https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=833117 and apparently it is due to an internal glib change leaking into the library external interface. As you say, the latest libglib update is from December last year, while Firefox has an update from March, 9 this year. Still does not explain very well why it was working two days ago as I have the automatic reflex of clicking “install” each time I see the update notification, and I’ve not been away for that long from my computer. So I should have started having problems 15 days ago, not yesterday. Anyway before downgrading Firefox/xulrunner I’m spinning a VM with a fresh 13.1 install and applying upgrades to see when the problem starts to appear.