[13.1 KDE] Missing login box after resuming from Standby

Hey there,

sometimes(!) when I resume from Standby, openSUSE 13.1 (KDE) shows me the login screen without the login-interface (this one: http://de.opensuse.org/images/6/65/13.1_KDE_Login.png ). Therefore it is not possible for me to return to the desktop environment; instead I am forced to do a hard reset

Hardware: Dell Latitude E6400, Core2Duo P8400, 4GB RAM, Samsung SSD 840 Evo

Is there a logfile I can check or any other things I should take a closer look at?

Thanks in advance.

I perfectly see the login interface in that picture… :wink:

What’s your problem?
Are you not able to enter your password?

Maybe try to activate the password input field with the mouse or by pressing TAB.

OTOH: How are you suspending anyway?
AFAIK, there’s no suspend option on the login screen.
Or do you suspend inside the KDE session and return to the login screen after the resume? (i.e. your KDE is crashing?)

Ok, so maybe you only see the default wallpaper after resume?
That’s not the login screen then, but the screen locker (without the password dialog).

In that case, you have the same issue as here:

Could you try the things suggested there? (f.e. try with a new user)
Maybe that’s caused by incorrect screen locker configuration.

I finally could reproduce this now, see:

This only happens with the automatic suspend feature (after some idle time) in KDE’s power management settings, so you might want to turn that off.

I accidentally created a new thread here:

I’d not seen this particular discussion, sorry.