[13.1] KDE - Choosing Grub Entry on Reboot

in kde, there is the drop down menu option available to choose which kernel you want to boot into.

this seems to be set persistently rather than as a a next boot option. how can i get grub and kde to show me the grub menu on next boot rather than choosing the last option i happened to want tot automatically reboot into?

The default Grub 2 OS selector does not integrate to KDE as you suggest. I have a bash script that is helpful in working with the default Grub 2 install below:


I also have a blog on compiling and installing new kernel versions into Grub 2 you can read below:


Thank You,

seemingly it does

it seems it set the timeout value to 0.

when the timeout value is changed, when grub next loads it highlights the last choice made. in my case archlinux.