13.1 Install Freezes in Automatic Configuration

HP Mini 311, 32-bit PAE Atom 270, 3 GB RAM. Clean install (not upgrade) on an empty 320GB drive. Have tried DVD install, USB stick, and now network install, each with ext4 partitions and with BTRFS. Tried nomodeset, added kernel-sources to install, etc. In each case system reboots after installation, begins automatic configuration, and then freezes at 3% and 11%.

Anyone else running into this, or is my little netbook relegated to going back to 12.3?


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Thanks, some really good info. Have marked kernel-firmware for install the last four install attempts, (wrote kernel-sources in orig note, unfortunately). Noted in the bug report thread that others have had the auto config hang even though kernel-firmware is already installed.

I’m thinking about trying to install with the Broadcom card removed, then add the card and install the driver after I have a working system.

Worth a try I guess