13.1 Haswell 4600 video and audio issues

Hello, I searched but couldn’t find similar issues, so I thought I’d post them here (combined if same kernel/driver related) in case anyone has seen/resolved them.

I have the i3-4330 Haswell CPU (HD 4600) and a motherboard with Realtek ALC1150 chipset plugged in to the receiver via HDMI. So, maybe on the leading, but (I thought) not bleeding edge, as far as drivers. I have 2 issues:

  1. Flash video playback is very choppy: e.g. start Firefox, go to youtube.com, play a short clip even at 240p setting in a small embedded frame, it plays 1 second, pauses for 1-2 seconds and so on. While this is happening, CPU is not excessively taxed - at 10-20% in “top”. This is not network related as this is on broadband and video stream is preloaded/cached very quickly. Also video hardware acceleration in general, based on KDE desktop effects, is working fine; and I can run glxgears which has virtually no impact on CPU usage.

  2. There’s no audio: 2 sound cards are recognized by the system. PulseAudio is enabled in YaST. Volumes are not muted in alsamixer. But I can’t get any audio out at all, from KDE, YaST, aplay, or speaker-test.

Previously I had an nVidia Ion system plugged in through this same HDMI cable that was getting full 5.1 surround out. And it would do 480p full screen (1080p TV) youtube flash videos without skipping and choppiness. Has anyone seen/resolved similar issues on Haswell systems? Thank you.

This is all audio related. Local video works fine, but without audio with Pulse. Flash video seems to be synchronized with audio and that gets out of sync when audio stream can’t be written properly and results in choppy video.

Other observations:

  • Pulse audio manager detects everything correctly and reports sound going through it when I attempt to play, but no audio is coming out
  • sound works in Ubuntu 13.10 live distro, but it plays with some static and choppiness
  • sound partially works (no static or choppiness) if PulseAudio is disabled in YaST, and I pick HDMI 2 in KDE multimedia settings; partially because I believe I can only get stereo out of it
  • sound partially works (no static or choppiness) in VLC if PulseAudio is disabled in YaST and I manually pick ALSA and the right device in its settings; partially because this only works in VLC and channel mappings are messed up

I’m going to mess around with Pulse some more, but if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

For starters and especially on relatively new hardware like this, it’s <imperative> to make sure you update your new install. Run the following to fully update your system. After that, you can decide whether to continue to update (I’d recommend) or patch.

zypper up


@tsu2, thanks for the response. Yes, I’ve definitely kept the system updated - keep checking back every week or so, but there’s no change in behavior. I’ve also tried switching the packages to Kernel: and multimedia:/libs (for pulseaudio) repos.

I’ve also updated motherboard firmware (asrock Z87M Extreme4).

None of this has helped, or made any difference in behavior.

wrt the sound, I recommend a bug report be written on the ALC1150. I asked user gariac to write such a bug report in this thread … https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/494624-Realtek-ALC1150-alsa-driver-problem

If they do not write a bug report, please can you do so ? Given the GNU/Linux wide problem with his hardware audio codec, I believe that this will be the best and quickest way to get this ALC1150 working for you.