13.1 + Fingerprint scanner

I can get the fingerprint scanner working on my HP laptop but can’t keep it working. First try I did the fingerprint-gui and the yast fingerprint package and it worked for about a day. After about 24hrs it stopped working. When I tried to re-enroll in yast it said that “the device could not be opened”. After reading thru all the forums and doing everything I could think of, I just thought I messed it up with a conflicting package or update so I decided to start from scratch.

2nd time I fully re-installed 13.1 and ran all updates first, then installed yast fingerprint and skipped fingerprint-gui. Followed the process and everything worked fine. Used it all day and then again this afternoon it just stopped working again. No updates were run, no packages installed, nada.:’(

Any ideas, things I might try? I’m on an HP Compaq 6710b and my fingerprint scanner is recognized as an authentec scanner. Core2 duo and 2gb memory.

I have a HP 6730b, it was a long time sins I gave up to get the fingerprint scanner to work. haven’t seen any solution on the net either. It does exist some configuration in BIOS for this but nothing I tried helped.

My former laptop HP 6300 worked fine with fingerprint scanner.