13.1, bluettooth headset, no mic in pulseaudio or phonon

opensuse 13.1 x86_64

Philips bluetooth 3.0 headset SHQ7300 (2 ear speakers and one mic)

with bluedevil i pair the shq7300

i can hear sound from any player.
but i can’t use mic.

there is nothing about mic in pulseaudio or phonon.

No help here. Hasn’t been able to use mic until I installed Leap. In Leap you can set it in pavucontrol. Either as head set or as head phones.

yes i checked this with a leap 42.1 VM.

it’s a matter of firmware.

i get the firmware but i don’t know how to do according btusb module takes care of this firmware.
i know we must put it in /lib/firmware/brcm/
what file format ? hex , hcd , bin other ?
what syntax for the name of the file ?
what else ?

see the solution for ubuntu here


If it were me, I would raise a bug report on this, and let the packagers take care of this. You could raise such a bug report and then support the packagers as they create the updated firmware (via testing … etc … ). That is a Dec-2013 ubuntu post !!! so one would have hoped this fix had been submitted upstream - but if it does not work for you then maybe it has not been. Out of curiousity, what firmware rpms do you have installed ? You can check that via the command (in a konsole/xterm):

rpm -qa | grep firmware

Note that if the firmware is in place, the sort of things to expect (with KDE and pulse audio) are:

Turn on KDE bluetooth

Select Bluetooth Headset in KDE

Select Bluetooth Headset in Pulse

Assign Bluetooth Headset playback to one’s application

There is guidance here on raising bug reports :

You can use your openSUSE forum username and password when logging on to Bugzilla. Check the Bug report every day or two for a packager response. Be certain to clear the “need info” flag after you respond to any questions they may have.

Good luck.

here is the state of the art.

pa 4 and 5 drops hsp/hsf support

bluez 5 drops support of hsp/hsf

pa >= 6 get support of hsp/hsf but :

  • you get 2 profiles : a2dp and hsp/hsf
  • only a2dp works.
    if you choose hsp/hsf then ear-speakers and mic are well in pa and phonon but do not work. phonon says "plips headset does not work then revert to pc sound adapter output.

i checked this pb with opensuse 13.1 (+ pa 6 + bluez 5.8) and leap 42.1 (pa 7.0 , bluez 5.35) . the 2 distribs get this pb.

i don’t understand opensuse team . they switch to bluez 5 and do not supply a solution for supporting hsp/hsf. then user get a regression!
it seems that bluez will not support in the futur hsp/hsf

reading this : https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Notes/6.0/

i am a bit puzzled.

it is said :
Changes at a Glance

  • BlueZ 5 native HSP (headset) support
  • BlueZ 5 HFP (hands-free) profile support via oFono

so why ear-speakers and mic do not works?

it is said :

Notes for Packagers When building PulseAudio, it’s possible to choose between “native” and “ofono” BlueZ 5 headset backends. They can be both enabled, but only one can be used at runtime. If you only need to support a bluetooth audio stack with oFono, then it’s advisable to disable the native backend when building PulseAudio. Similarly, if you don’t need to support oFono, then it’s best to disable the oFono backend. If you need to support both alternatives, then you have to enable both. The runtime decision which to use is done via the “headset” argument of module-bluetooth-discover.
The native HSP backend for BlueZ 5 depends on libbluetooth. It’s a header dependency only, so the actual library doesn’t need to be present at runtime.
The oFono HFP backend for BlueZ 5 naturally introduces a runtime dependency on oFono. The minimum supported oFono version is 1.13.

a bad building of pulseaudio or bluez. a bad linking to ofono? something else ?

i keep on diging info.
it is said here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bluetooth_profiles#Advanced_Audio_Distribution_Profile_.28A2DP.29
A2dp protocol is :

  • to send command as “pause” “play” to a player , to control volume . all this works well with vlc.
  • for streaming sound from a source (a pc for example) to a destination (headset speakers for example)
    but also
    “…also, voice can be streamed from a microphone device to a recorder on a PC”

so where is the pb ? a2dp support is not complete ?

You are using openSUSE-13.1. I believe support has now stopped for openSUSE-13.1 …

I use openSUSE-13.2 on almost all of my PCs and possibly starting this weekend I plan to update to LEAP-42.1 which is the latest release (not considering Tumbleweed in that statement). One advantage of LEAP is it will have MUCH longer support than any of the previous openSUSE versions.

wrt openSUSE-13.1 (which I note no longer is provided support) I note this in the openSUSE-13.1 release notes for bluetooth:

5.10. KDE and Bluetooth

The Bluetooth stack is provided by Bluez 5 (a major, backwards-incompatbile version), a necessary upgrade for GNOME desktop and some other components of the base system. Unfortunately, the KDE workspace only supports Bluez version 4 in its currently-released versions.

Therefore, the openSUSE KDE community team offers an unofficial Bluedevil package providing at least basic functionality such as device pairing or support for bluetooth mice; Some other features are known not to work jet, like file transfer.

For the moment, bugs should not be filed against Bluetooth support in KDE as the Bluez 5 port of Bluedevil is still ongoing.

From that it appears you may need to go to an older openSUSE KDE community site (?) to get superior Bluetooth support. BUT given openSUSE-13.1 is no longer supported, possibly such is no longer available.

I don’t track KDE community sites - so someone who does may need to chime in here.

On a different note - I suspect if you want the latest firmware, you may need to upgrade to either openSUSE LEAP, or for more recent to openSUSE Tumbleweed.

wrt openSUSE Tumbleweed, I note from the 64-bit tumbleweed repository it provides bluez-5.38-1.1.x86_64.rpm. This is almost (not quite) the latest as I note from the bluez website that v.5.39 of bluez was released today, 5-April.

Having typed the above, I note from openSUSE Software that there is a v.5.38 of bluez packaged for openSUSE-13.1 with rpm here.

I can’t recommend nor not recommend that. I have no experience wrt it.

in my comment #6 i said:

“i checked this pb with opensuse 13.1 (pa 6, bluez 5.38) and leap 42.1 (pa 7.0 , bluez 5.35) . the 2 distribs get this pb.”

i checked with the 2 distribs that:

  • with a2dp there is no mic in pa and phonon thus no functional mic
  • with hsp/hsf there is mic in pa and phonon but no functional ear speakers and no functional mic

i did not checked with tumbleweed . tumbleweed is not compliant with virtualbox 5.0.16. accurately there is a pb with tumbleweed kernel 4.5 and virtualbox.


p.s. you make an error : with opensuse 13.1 bluetooth transfert , bluetooth send/receive work, with dolphin you can explore the tree of your smartphone and make bi-directional copy/paste and delete. i assume this is the same thing with 42.1
but i use no more these features because i use now kdeconnect for this. transfert is faster with wifi 802.11n compared to bt 3.0 of my smartphone.

opensuse 13.1 is today the actual evergreen and with kde sc current and kde sc current extra repos we get kde 4.14.10 with rpms from 15.08 and 15.12

Is that correct ?

I thought there was a work around announced soon after that breakage, with two different possibilities posted. Thread where I noted this: X server not starting after update - Applications - openSUSE Forums

thanks i will test tumbleweed

no progress with tumbleweed.

phonon 4.8.2
pulseaudio 8.0
bluez 5.38

  • with a2dp there is no mic in pa and phonon thus no functional mic
  • with hsp/hsf there is mic in pa and phonon but no functional ear speakers and no functional mic

i send a bug report

IMHO it would have been better to flag the OS as openSUSE Tumbleweed or openSUSE distribution.

Given support has stopped for openSUSE-13.1, flagging it as such could mean it won’t even be looked at, not read, and hence not given the attention it deserves, despite your noting in the text that it also applies to Tumbleweed and LEAP (ie there is a risk that text may never be read).


see https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=974230

no mre pb between tumbleweed and virtualbox. see at www.virtualbox.org
Guest Additions update for Linux guests After the 5.0.16 release, the Guest Additions were updated to support Linux guests with X.Org Server running without root privileges and to fix certain 3D acceleration-related issues.