13.1 32-bit; bluetooth headphones pair but not connect; work on 12.3

System is a fresh install of openSUSE 13.1 KDE 32-bit on a ThinkPad X-41. I have a Plugable USB-BT4LE Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter and EElectronics Air-Fi AF32 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. These work correctly with os 12.3.

With 13.1, I did the update recommended in https://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/hardware/492195-opensuse-13-1-64-bit-blueooth-issues.html#post2599028.
Now, the KDE bluetooth tools show the headset is paired but not connected. When I turn on the headphones, the connection arrow on the bluetooth widget comes on for a fraction of a second, then goes away.

When I put the headphones in pairing mode I can get

howard@X41-os131:~> hcitool scan
Scanning ...        
00:02:5B:00:B8:A1       AF32

Then if I run as root

hcitool cc 00:02:5B:00:B8:A1

again the connection arrow on the bluetooth widget comes on for a fraction of a second, then goes away. When I ran the command as standard user, I got

howard@X41-os131:~> hcitool cc 00:02:5B:00:B8:A1
 Can't create connection: Operation not permitted

Is there a permission problem here? Any ideas?

Howard, I get the same effect. No solutions here, but I can add the following details:
64-bit version of openSUSE here, using Gnome.
I upgraded from 12.3 to 13.1 where all in the bluetooth world was fine except for my Samsung 475 which needed the command “hciconfig hc0 sspmode 0” prior to connection. Then it would work. Now that does not work.
I have downloaded and installed Bluez 5.11 but same effect. I downloaded the later bluez since hcidump would not install without a later version. 5.11 has its own hcidump.
Now none of my headsets will stay connected. As you have seen as well, they pair up ok and then immediately disconnect.

From my reading there are quite a few of these observations, but it is difficult to know whether something is wrong at the kernel, bt tools, gnome or distro level. I guess I’ll keep reading to try to find out where it is most effective to provide debugging feedback.

The 13.1 release notes state

5.10. KDE and Bluetooth
The Bluetooth stack is provided by Bluez 5 (a major, backwards-incompatbile version), a necessary upgrade for GNOME desktop and some other components of the base system. Unfortunately, the KDE workspace only supports Bluez version 4 in its currently-released versions.
Therefore, the openSUSE KDE community team offers an unofficial Bluedevil package providing at least basic functionality such as device pairing or support for bluetooth mice; Some other features are known not to work jet (sic), like file transfer.
For the moment, bugs should not be filed against Bluetooth support in KDE as the Bluez 5 port of Bluedevil is still ongoing.

acknowledging that KDE is broken, but implying that GNOME is OK. This reads like it is a bt tools issue. Maybe a bug report of your gnome experience would be worthwhile. For now, I’ll hold off a KDE bug report as the note requests.

Good suggestion, I have created a bug report in Gnome at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=714994.
We’ll see what happens.

I encountered Bluetooth issues with both Fedora 20 Beta and openSUSE 13.1. A recent update in Fedora resolved this issue, so I think the corrected packages simply haven’t been pushed out in openSUSE yet.

My bug report was marked as a duplicate of https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=712379

I tried running bluetoothd with the -E option but no change.

I’ve now posted a message on the linux-bluetooth mailing list, just to keep the pot stirred.

Well, my query (Gmane – openSUSE 13.1: bt headsets lose connection) was ignored. Usually this means the question was badly posed or that it was clearly not relevant in the context. I will take the hint.

The AF32 bluetooth headphones now work with the latest bluetooth updates. They pair and connect. Getting sound to them requires pavucontrol, which is still broken for 32-bit KDE in the 13.1 main repository (version 4.0.git.270.g9490a-1.1). There is a fixed version (4.0.git.270.g9490a-6.1) in the repository Index of /repositories/home:/tiwai:/pa-fix-13.1/standard I installed the later version of the following packages:



pavucontrol 2.0-2.2.1
pavucontrol-lang 2.0-2.2.1

from that same repository.

The final step to get the sound to the headphones was to remove them from the bluetooth configuration and add (pair) them again. Before doing that, the headphones did not appear in pavucontrol, and sound went to the speakers. After removing and adding, the headphones were there to select, and they work.

Glad it is working for you, however I followed your directions and bluetooth here on Gnome 64 bit remains broken.
One little detail which I did not mention above, which has been happening all the time in experimenting, is that the Gnome bluetooth setup dialog works correctly when removing and adding devices, but when finished with the operations and the message “xxx setup successfully” appears, the Quit button does not activate; you have to use the X in top right of window to force it to quit.