12.3 Screen movement lag

so over the weekend I decided to do the upgrade from 12.2 to 12.3.
All went well and works well (to be honest don’t notice a whole lot of difference between 12.2 and 12.3 except the artwork as was using kde 4.10 in 12.2)

The one thing I did notice was that my mouse appeared to lag sporadically in 12.3. Spent some time further testing and noticed it wasn’t just the mouse but general screen lagginess(?).

Couldn’t seem to pin it down to any specific reason. cpu wasn’t working particularly hard at the time that it was happening.

Decided to add in the OBS kernel repo and do an upgrade to kernel 3.7.10-13
Problem appears to have disappeared after the kernel update.

Anybody else noticed this?

I’m using a Lenovo Thinkpad SL510 with onboard graphics intel GM45 Express

Maybe it was related to the intel video driver, part of which is in the kernel…