12.3-RC1 yast: hardware-information hangs then reboots

On trying ou 12.3-RC1 I have had no problems at all, until today. Trying Yast -> Hardware information, the process stops in “framebuffer device”.
What then happens is, strangely, not reproducible:
a) after approx. 10 seconds the system reboots.
or b) after a few seconds a message appears: “monitor setup has been changed - KDE daemon”; There is just barely time enough to read this message before the system reboots itself.
or (just once) c) after 5-10 seconds: a console appears, ending with “a panic occurred”. I did take a picture of the screen, unfortunately missing part of the text. I have tried several more times, but this message came up only this one time.
Has anyone seen this too? Any advice?

I don’t have any real help to offer.

I have used Yast for hardware information here, and there were no such problems (I’m using 12.3RC1).

From your description, it sounds like a hardware issue or a driver issue - possibly an interupt was triggered that was unexpected.

Thank you for your comment. Real help is not needed, the problem may be gone in RC2 or in the final version of 12.3 anyway. I was just very surprised.
I agree that it looks like a hardware issue. But I see two problems with that:
a) The hardware configuration has not changed since a few years; also, I did a Yast hardware-info in november 2011.
b) The occurrence of the problem is reproducible, even if the details are somewhat different.
Should I try to submit a bug report?

Yes . Unless we want to retain thius bug in final version of 12.3

Filed bug report 805393.