12.3 on Hyper-V 2012 Losing network Access

We are having issues where the Opensuse 12.3 guest OS loses network access.

It is acting like the underlying drive is crashing and no pings can get in our out. Once the Hyper-V virtual machine is rebooted the network comes back for a while and then it crashes out again.

We saw this issue with some of the 11.x release on Hyper-V 2008r2 but they cleaned up with 12.1 release and now are back with the 12.3 release. I have confirmed that the Hyper-Tools 4.1.1 are installed.

If I drop to the slow legacy driver it appears to not occur. I can not live with the slower legacy driver support. Any ideas on how I can fix this. We have seen this with 5 Virtual Machines on several host servers some of which have 12.2 running without issue using the synthetic driver.

Please help ASAP.

Thanks zktech

hi zktech,

try to remove the default nic and replace it with a new nic (old-version for systems without hyper-v tools installed). It works for me on windows 8 hyper-v.

greetz shareledge