12.3 (minimal) How to Install KDE Plasma DE w/o Programs

I’ve downloaded the OpenSUSE 12.3 network (minimal, CLI [command line interface, for the benefit of other new users]) installation image.
I would like to

  • install OpenSUSE 12.3 minimal (CLI)
  • install the KDE Plasma desktop environment

And that’s it. No games, no office suite, no redundant utilities.

What are the steps to installing the KDE Plasma desktop environment in 12.3 minimal (CLI)?
Is it possible to at least control what is installed along with it?


I don’t get what you mean. Command line interface and yet KDE, which is a desktop environment. Especially this

command line interface, for the benefit of other new users
makes me wonder.
An office-suite is not part of a default KDE install, openSUSE comes with LibreOffice, which is not part of KDE.

The installer at a certain moment arrives at a screen where a summary of chosen options is given (if automatic configuration is unchecked in a previous stage). You can then modify the software selection to be installed.

Another option is to use SUSE Studio, and create your own Live install medium, i.e. with a modified KDE install (no game packages etc.)

EDIT: I notice yours is your first post. Welcome !!

I thinks he wants to install KDE in a now CL environment.

You can do it in Yast CL

type yast as root
find the patterns screen in Software management select the 2 KDE options install the selected packages