12.3 milestone 2 - Unable to go through install process due to graphic problem.

This is specific from 12.x ( it was ok until 11.4 ) and it is still true for 12.3 milestone 2.

The first stage until the first reboot is OK.
Due to garbage screen it impossible to see what happens during the first reboot.

So I decide to reinstall and set run level to 3.
Same problem. It is impossible to see what happens during the first reboot because as soon as the graphic driver is loaded, the screen becomes unreadable ( colored rectangular blocks everywhere ).
One must boot with failsafe

1°) Is there a possibility to tell the system that it must reboot in fail safe mode before finishing the install process ?

2°) Presently I am not sure that this current install is OK . If I compare from my 2 others linux box :
On the 3rd box ( No update have been made. First reboot state )
/var/log/localmessage is missing
/var/log/warn is missing
/var/log/zypper is missing

B) Network is not configured.
Must do that manually and reboot

I would like to make an install from begin to end .

Hardware :
Toshiba - Qosmio X 500 - PQX33E-01V008FR
8Go ram
8 core processor intel
cpu family : 6
model : 30
model name : Intel(R) Core™ i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
stepping : 5
microcode : 0x5
cpu MHz : 1600.000
cache size : 6144 KB
Nvidia GTS 360M detected as Model: NVIDIA GT 215 Board

Just press escape to clear the corrupted screen. Consider using the nomodeset kernel load option, added like using a 3 for run level 3. Here is info making such an entry.


To edit grub 2 files, see this one:


Thank You,

Sorry for my bad english , but you don’t understand my question.
If I am right, install is a two stage process.
As I said the first stage run ok ( the display is well set by the install program ) up to the small window which tell you that the system will reboot in few seconds.
If you click OK or leave the timer doing to zero the system reboot.
Then the second stage begin.
I suppose that it is what you call the automatic setup.
At the beginning all things seems to go well until the display driver is loaded and the screen get scramble.
(Note : before the screen get scramble I have seen that the system was unable to find a console !!!))
The hard disk led show full activity. So I suppose that the system is configured itself.
As there is no screen, one is unable to react with the system if necessary.

I am sure that it is nouveau driver relative, because after some works on the system, I was able to install the nvidia driver, getting my system usable.

So the question is : How to install from begin to end and to be sure that automatic setup had run to the end.

Help is welcome.

I did not try it, because nouveau works well enough on my nvidia system.

If you enter “nomodeset” on the command line when booting from the install DVD, my past experience is that this causes the system to be configured to use “nomodeset” after install also.

However - on a system with ATI graphics, where install went okay, I did later try to boot with “nomodeset” (by hitting “e” on the grub2 screen and adding “nomodeset” to the command line for boot. That did not work. The system never came up that way. It looked as if plymouth splash was interfering. So maybe you also need to edit out the splash part of the kernel command line (not tried).

Correct me if I am wrong, but is not the ‘nomodeset’ suggestion given intended to prevent that in the 2nd installation stage you noted ? ie nomodeset is also passed to the 2nd stage ? (or perhaps it is not passed - I have not been tracking this the past couple of releases ).

Did you try a ‘safe settings install’ ?

Given this is a milestone release, you may wish to write a bug report on this.

Edit - apologies I’m bad, … I see nrickert already expressed the same view re ‘nomodeset’ .

If you enter “nomodeset” on the command line when booting from the install DVD, my past experience is that this causes the system to be configured to use “nomodeset” after install also.

I will try this to morrow and give you news a.s.a.p.

No problem.

Thanks to nrickert and oldcpu.
That do the job.:slight_smile:

You may consider to put a sticky note in the install forum; something like :

People encountering graphical problem during the install process and who does not get the login screen after automatic configuration finished may consider to reinstall from the begining and add the following parameter


on the command line when booting from the install DVD.

Thank you very much for taking time to help me