12.3 live on a UEGI/GPT system

It’s possible to install openSUSE 12.3 on a UEFI/GPT computer, using the live cd? :\

Why didn’t you ask in the Pre-release/Beta forum? Now you have to wait until we mere normal openSUSE users have waited for the release (6 more hours), then we start downloading it (which takes for some people several more hours) and then install it before we can even try to answer your question.

No - because there is no live CD.

There’s a live image, which you can put on a DVD or a USB. But it is too big for a CD.

The live USB, for 12.3 RC2 does boot in UEFI mode, though I did not try a UEFI install. I expect that the live image for 12.3 final will also boot into UEFI mode.

Thanks for your replays.
From the release notes:

3.4. Wrong Bootloader When Installing from a Live Medium in a UEFI Environment

This only affects machines in UEFI mode.

When using the installer on the live medium, YaST does not detect UEFI mode and therefore installs the legacy bootloader. This results in a not bootable system. The bootloader has to be switched from grub2 to grub2-efi manually.

Hence, it’s possible, following the above instruction …