[12.3, KDE4.10] missing vdr in xine

I started vdr with rcvdr start and it is running.
(ps gives “25521 tty9 Sl+ 0:04 /usr/sbin/vdr -c /etc/vdr -w 0 -Pxine -r”)

I wanted to control it with xine, but I am missing the vdr button in xine.
vdr-plugin-xine is installed.

what do I have to do to be able to access vdr via xine?

Well, this thread certainly is missing some posts, as I recall personally having a couple of posts within it, and the same for the OP. Must have been a victim of the (mmm, not even sure what to call it, maybe the) “unfortunate incident” at the end of Aug in the forums.

Anyway, was playing around tonight and happened to see the VDR button in xine! (see image below). What you have to do is right click in the xine window (or press g) and deselect the “show controls”. Then close xine. Then open xine back up (should be just the xine window, with no control gui). Then right click xine window (or press g) and re-activated “show controls” and presto – VDR tab shows up. But there is an obvious bug, as just look at where it is positioned! Also, if you leave the controls open when you exit xine, then next time you start xine again, the VDR tab is not shown. (To get it back you have the repeat the steps just described … just hitting g/selecting :show controls" has no further effect at that point ). Though, you can avoid some of that hassle by closing the controls each time before you exit xine. Of course the next time you restart xine you will also have to turn the controls back on, however, the VDR tab will be there. (PS - I don’t use VDR, so I have no idea if its working, just that you can indeed make the button reappear via the steps I have outlined)