12.3 Install on Dell e6530 gnome can only login as root, kde is fine.

Basic installation of x64 version of opensuse 12.3 selecting gnome, signing in with a user other than root displays the message: “Oh no! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover. All extensions have been disabled as a precaution.” ALT+F10 shows, gdm-autologin [pidnumber]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_variant_compare: assertion `!g_variant_is_container (a)’ failed. If I install with KDE, I don’t see this symptom. With gnome, if I sign in as root, with or without the one-click nvidia driver update, everything appears to be fine. I’ve tried creating a new user to see if it was profile corruption, but even that user has problems. Suggestions?

BTW am NON-Technical user…

Whether serious leave to more Technical types to decide…

Seen message each time a user logs in - since my first log in when installed 12.3

Also there after screen is locked up, when try to unlock.

First time screen locked up whilst self lost trying figure out how to return to login point, same/similar message appeared several times as keyboard and mouse activity attempting return to the login point.

Younger user of 12.3 few hours longer than self, really enjoyed showing me how easy logging back in was when he noticed my frustration rising :slight_smile:

Just saw this post, when I’m back in my office… I’ll be giving it a try.

openSUSE Lizards

Well you have made it MUCH farther than I have. I have made numerous attempts to get the GNOME display manager to work in an openSUSE 12.3 VMware guest without ANY success including:

  1. Building the VM using the DVD installation media, overriding the automatic install script, specifying GNOME as my display manager
  2. Building the VM using the 12.3 GNOME Live CD
  3. Building a KDE-based VM… performing all the updates, etc. then ADDING GNOME and trying to change the display manager

In all cases when I boot I see the black backgound with the green “vine” and the chameleon… and I can force a terminal login with an Ctrl+Alt+F1 but I never see a login screen… I can’t start gdm.

I have seen some posts from people with GNOME working (apparently) so just wondering what painfully-obvious step I have missed.

SenseiC bows out.

Video card??

Almost always it is the video card that is the problem and you need to get the right driver.