12.3 install failure :(

I’m upgrading ridiculously old hardware. That was running OpenSUSE 11.3. And am having trouble adapting to the brave new world of EFI and GRUB2.

First attempt to install Live-OpenSUSE to hard disk almost worked. The system did boot up, but the install process never got started. Looking around at different terminal display, I found the following highly suspicious error message on VT1

*** Starting YaST2 ***
YaST got signal 11 at YCP file installation/misc/ycp:53
/usr/lib/YaST2/startup/YaST2.call: line 277 1383 Segmentation falult $OPT_FBITERM ywbase “$Y2_MODULE_NAME” $Y2_MODE_FLAGS $Y2_MODULE_ARGS $Y2_MODE &Y2UI_ARGS

That is all typed by hand so don’t take it as absolute gospel.

I’m trying to duplicate the previous disk setup, which has OpenSUSE installed in an LVM partition on top of a RAID1 array consisting of 1.4TB partitions on two different hard drives. In the old days, the /boot partition had to be a separate physical partition. Now that we are using GRUB2 it is not clear whether that is necessary or not. But everything seems to want /boot/efi to be a separate FAT partition. For now I have a separate physical EXT4 /boot partion and a FAT /boot/efi partition.

If I wait a day or so, I can try this with 13.01. Or i can try Debian which is also supposed to have decent LVM/RAID support.

12.3 install has a problem with RAID It may be fixed in 13.1

But everything seems to want /boot/efi to be a separate FAT partition

my boot partition for 12.3 is ext4

/boot ext4
/ ext4
/home ext4

just how old is this computer and what is the 3d card
if the card is TOO old it might not be supported by xorg 1.13 or greater

Just wanted to point out that, based on your signature, you use a geforce 240. I’m not sure which version of the open source nvidia driver is used in 12.3, but with the latest few versions (including the one supplied with ubuntu 13.10 and opensuse 13.1) you get corrupted video on the 240. Be prepared to run in 2d mode until you install nvidia’s blob.

Just to follow this up. I eventually got a 13.1 disk. Decided I really wanted for force an EFI boot so I changed the BIOS settinsg to only do EFI boots. It then tooks a day or so to figure out that the 13.1 Live CD install doesn’t handle EFI boot installs very well. Downloaded the 13.1 install disk, and after about 3 attempts figured out exactly what it wanted and now have a functioning system. Yea team!!!

OK, there are still issues, but I’ll bring those up in other threads.

Thanks folks,