12.3 hangs are loading ramdisk after memory upgrade.

I have a fairly fresh install of openSUSE 12.3 and I upgraded the 1 GB memory to 2GB by replacing the DDR2 memory modules.
When I go to boot all is normal until I get to loading ramdisk there is no progress and the system appears to be hung.
Any ideas as to when I need to do besides revert back to the 1 GB modules?

On 08/06/2013 05:36 PM, FlameBait wrote:
> Any ideas as to when I need to do besides revert back to the 1 GB
> modules?

are you absolutely sure that the new modules meet the needs of your
machine? (not all modules which will fit in the slot can be used)

and, are you absolutely certain that the new modules are working
properly? (just because they are new is not proof that they are good)

so, do you have a bootable 12.3 install disk? if so, when you get
ready to overnight nap, just shut everything down, boot from the
install disk and select “Memory Test” (like you see at the bottom of
this list http://tinyurl.com/makp4pm, when it starts just turn off
the monitor and go to bed…in the morning (i’m saying let it run
eight or twelve hours, at least) see how many errors you have…and,
let us know…

i can’t tell from your post if you still use the old module and added
one (or more to it) or what…but if you can, just put in the newest
module only (well, we think we know the old one(s) worked ok, right?)


I discovered it was not Dual Channel memory.
I found some Dual Channel and installed it.
It passed the Dell onboard diagnostics and booted normally with 3 gigs now instead of one.

am happy you got it sorted out…