12.3 - GTK 3 applications doesn't drow buttong and other ellements in KDE 4 enviroment

I have noticed a strange behavior of some of basic GTK 3 applications like gnome calculator, gnome control center and others don’t draw buttons, tabs and others in the application window when they are started in KDE 4.10 environment. If I pass over the window with the cursor the missing parts appear under cursor. Reopening the application gave the same effect again and again. GTK 2 application like Firefox and Libre Office work fine as expected. After default nouveau drivers I tried nvidia proprietary drivers with hope that could solve the issue but no difference. It also doesn’t make difference if xrender or opengl is turned on. If there is a necessary tweak to be done please let me know. Thanks

Open SUSE 12.3 x64. nVidia Geforce 6150 , proprietary drivers, Gnome 3.6, KDE 4.10.